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Infinity smokes is the only tobacco store in downtown Minneapolis as of today. We carry a large selection of the most common types of tobacco. Cigarettes, the most popular brands locally made and also imported. Many hard to find brands such as, Dunhill International or Nat Sherman are offered at a solid price. We sell cigarettes as individual packs or in cartons at Minnesota state minimum price. Smokeless tobacco or chewing tobacco, we take pride in selling chewing tobacco to the players and fans of the Minnesota Twins and also other MajorLeague Baseball players. They like to stop by to pick up their favorite smokeless tobacco from Infinity Smokes due to the large selection we offer and the attractive prices as well. If you’re not a big “chewer” or “smoker”, snuff is another alternative that we offer and like everything else in the store we have the well-known and the “unknown”. The difference between our selection compared to other tobacco stores in Minnesota is the fact that our variety of products caters to a variety of people from the daily smoker to the “once-in-a-while” cone suer. From the normal to abnormal, we offer bagged or roll-your-own tobacco and larger cans full of some brands you’ve seen and some that you haven’t. With that, we can provide you with all the necessary materials/tools to make something brand new seem second nature. Getting some tobacco for grandpa? No problem, our selection of cigarettes, like our pipe tobacco, can confuse the most seasoned smoker. Our stock consists, of rare imported tobacco. Bring grandpa with you and, guaranteed, he will leave with a smile on his face and a pip in his step! Have you come to the realization that it’s time to smoke less or even eventually quit? As big of an oxymoron as it is, you can stop by and checkout our electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes. In a nut-shell, your still getting nicotine along with the act of smoking. No tar, no tobacco, just vapor. One may use an e-cig, as they’re often referred to, to smoke anywhere indoors. On a plane, train, or even in the waiting room at a job interview (not recommended). We do have kits as well as disposable e-cigs, perfect for the skeptical consumer. What happens if the kit runs out? Well good thing we have back-up cartridges coming in packs with different nicotine content, to provide something stronger or lighter depending on you! Still want to quit but don’t want to walk around with an electronic cigarette? You can still stop by because we offer dissolvable tobacco similar to a mint but the kicker is, you can still get your nicotine without needing to smoke or chew anything!