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Minneapolis MN Tobacco Shop

Cigars | Tobacco | Hookahs | e-Cigs | Accessories

Premier Downtown Minneapolis smoke shop offering top quality Cigars, Tobacco, Hookahs and accessories, as well as e-Cigarettes, e-Liquid/e-Juice, and all of your tobacco related needs!



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Our shelves are full of choices to choose from, for everyone who smokes. From our walk-in cigar room to our six display cases for hookahs and hookah tobacco, we have what you need as far as tobacco and smoking accessories. After you’ve chosen your fine cigar you can take a look at our mini-humidors. We offer smaller, single cigar humidors along with larger cedar boxes for the cigar aficionado. If you’re taking the cigar out of town, we stock travel humidor, durable enough to stand those long flights or drives home. Whether you need a straight cut, a punch, or a v-cut, any specific cut can be fulfilled. Another necessity for any cigar lover is a torch lighter. Like our cutters, we carry top of the line lighters, if you need a classy butane lighter for the daily smoker, we offer those too! Anyone who collects Zippo lighters would feel at home next to our two large display cases full of hundreds of Zippos to please everyone.

You don’t need to be a cigar smoker to come to Infinity Smokes, we cater to every kind of tobacco user. Pipes are one of the many staples sold in our shop. Wooden pipes are our specialty! You don’t need to spend and arm and a leg on a distinguished pipe. You’ll find smaller pipes for those just starting out or for the seasoned veteran, “high-class” pipes such as Peterson and Vector. Well come back where you bought your wooden pipe to re-stock your ammunition with metal screens, pipe filters, as well as pipe cleaners. Other than cigar and pipe smokers, cigarette smokers can check out our metal/leather/ plastic cases.

We sell cigarette machines with cranks like the Top-o-Matic and hard to find electronic cigarette injector machines like the ZEN. Your machine doesn’t need to be electronic either, handheld rollers, small and king-sized are offered along with mini-injectors. If you’re looking for an out of the ordinary gift, our ashtrays would most likely do the job. You can find ashtrays with whimsical characters or astute ashtrays for your fine cigar. Wooden, plastic, glass, and ashtrays that suck up your smoke, we’re proud to say we’ve got it all! Most people that don’t smoke cannot stand the smell of the smoke. We have it in a candle form or a quick acting spray that, guaranteed will dissolve any smell.